U19 Henderson Shield

Competition:2488  Match:177495  KDSL

Referee: Jason Moore

Ormonde Villa FC lose to Freebooters.
Ormonde Villa FC were beaten at home by Freebooters at Garringreen at 2 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

This competition head to head
06/01/18 2 pmOrmonde Villa FC03FreebootersGarringreen

Recent Results in this competition
Ormonde Villa FC
23/09/17 2:30 pmOrmonde Villa FC30Lions AFC
06/01/18 2 pmOrmonde Villa FC03Freebooters
06/01/18 2 pmOrmonde Villa FC03Freebooters
17/04/18 6:30 pmCallan United04Freebooters
04/05/18 6:45 pmDeen Celtic01Freebooters
Referee Statistics
Jason Moore243103112

Ormonde Villa FCFreebooters