Under 13 Kilkenny People League Division 1

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Freebooters A beat Fort Rangers FC.
4th placed Freebooters A won 2-0 against their visitors, 7th placed Fort Rangers FC at Fair Green-Kilkenny at 6:45 pm

Freebooters A are currently on a winning streak of 5 games.They have won 5 out of 6 home games.
Form: W W W W W L W W W

Fort Rangers FC are currently on a losing streak of 4 games.They have lost 6 out of 7 away games.
Form: L L L L W L W L L L L L L L

Current League Position
4Freebooters A98012471724
7Fort Rangers FC1420122355-326

This competition head to head
09/09/17 11 amFort Rangers FC36Freebooters AWallslough
20/04/18 6:45 pmFreebooters A20Fort Rangers FCFair Green-Kilkenny

Recent Results in this competition
Freebooters A
20/04/18 6:45 pmFreebooters A20Fort Rangers FC
26/02/18 6 pmFreebooters A20Evergreen Boys
10/02/18 12:45 pmEvergreen Boys01Freebooters A
26/01/18 12 pmFreebooters A30Deen Celtic A
16/12/17 12 pmFreebooters A21East End United A
01/12/17 7:15 pmFreebooters A12Evergreen Albion
Fort Rangers FC
20/04/18 6:45 pmFreebooters A20Fort Rangers FC
07/04/18 5 pmEast End United A50Fort Rangers FC
05/04/18 6:30 pmFort Rangers FC23Evergreen Boys
28/03/18Evergreen Albion42Fort Rangers FC
24/02/18 11 amFort Rangers FC31Deen Celtic A
10/02/18 11 amFort Rangers FC02Evergreen Albion
Referee Statistics
Lee Kill89149634

Freebooters AFort Rangers FC